SnuggleWings – Super Soft and Adjustable


Created by parents who want to share safe and secure sleep solutions with other parents. Use SnuggleWings with your traditional swaddle blanket to keep their little arms inside for as long as they are swaddled.

SnuggleWings allows you to swaddle safely, securely, and for a longer duration.

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Benefits of SnuggleWings

  • Babies’ arms are held snuggly in place, providing the feeling of security that they count on, thereby enabling them to rest peacefully, for longer periods of time.
  • SnuggleWings is safe and easy to use.
  • The soft breathable fabric prevents overheating. *if overdressed when swaddled, babies are at risk of overheating.
  • And with SnuggleWings, you can continue swaddling for several months, until you decide to discontinue swaddling.
  • You can gradually wean Baby from swaddling by securely swaddling only one arm, should you prefer. *One-arm swaddling offered in arms-over-chest version only
  • SnuggleWings is safe, reliable and gives parents more control over their Baby’s sleep routine, for up to seven months (depending on the Baby’s size).
  • Try it and you will see for yourself that using SnuggleWings, in conjunction with your regular (traditional) swaddle blanket is more reliable than any other swaddle solution, anywhere, period!

Additional information

SnuggleWings Style

Arms at Sides, Arms over Chest, Arms at Sides & Arms over Chest

SnuggleWings Color

Best Blue, Perfect Pink, Posh Platinum