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How should SnuggleWings be used?

SnuggleWings works with regular swaddle blankets by gently wrapping around baby’s arms to keep them safely tucked inside.

Who should use SnuggleWings?

Any parent who would like to swaddle their baby safely and securely without worrying about Baby breaking free of the swaddle.

What is the difference between the two SnuggleWings versions?

SnuggleWings “arms-at-sides” holds babies arms snuggly at sides while swaddled.  SnuggleWings “arms-over-chest” holds babies arms folded over the chest area, with hands placed in a virtual touching position.  While some babies may respond better to one swaddle method over the other, either version of SnuggleWings is both safe and reliable, when used with traditional swaddling.

When (what age) should I begin using SnuggleWings?
Once baby begins breaking free of his/her swaddle blanket
How is SnuggleWings different from the many other swaddle products on the market?
Almost all other swaddle products on the market are all-in-one devices. They are either “swaddle-sacks” or blankets with a built-in arm containment, that doesn’t work reliably – babies still get out of them.  With SnuggleWings, your standard swaddle blanket will work like a charm.
How do I apply SnuggleWings
Just gently wrap baby’s arms in SnuggleWings, and then apply your regular blanket – that’s it.  Baby will stay inside the swaddle without breaking free.
I hear SnuggleWings helps reduce SIDS. How so?
SnuggleWings helps reduce certain risks associated with SIDS by helping to keep the swaddle blanket in place and away from baby’s face, particularly while sleeping during the night.  *Always place babies on their back when sleeping and when using SnuggleWings.
I heard something about one-arm swaddling. What is that?
SnuggleWings arms-over-chest version can be used for either two-arm or one-arm swaddling.  Some parents prefer to use one-arm swaddling for gradually weaning babies off of swaddling, one arm at a time.  The arms-over-chest version safely holds one arm in place while swaddled.  The opposite arm can remain un-swaddled, for weaning purposes.
How is SnuggleWings packaged?
Every SnuggleWings order is individually packaged and includes complete instructions.  There are also video demonstrations of SnuggleWings on our website at www.snugglewings.com.
Will my baby overheat using SnuggleWings?
SnuggleWings is made of 100% breathable Interlock Cotton fabric, will not cause overheating simply by using the product.  But as most parents know, babies should not be heavily clothed when swaddled in any kind of swaddle devices.
Has the product been recognized by any professional organizations?
Yes.  SnuggleWings was recognized by “Mom’s Best Award” Extraordinary Baby Products in 2011. You can find more details about this award at http://www.momsbestaward.com
What if I am not satisfied with the product?
Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed.  If, within 30 days, you are not satisfied with SnuggleWings, for any reason, we’ll refund your purchase price, less S&H charges.
How should I use the Sleep Sounds CD? (Coming Soon)
Once baby has been swaddled, if he or she is crying, or fussy, simply play the CD as you would any music CD, only make sure that you turn the volume to a level similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, which is similar to what it sounds like inside the womb.  In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the whooshing sound your baby hears in your womb is, to them, louder than a vacuum cleaner.
How can I contact SnuggleWings with additional questions?

What Our Families are Saying

Since I brought my baby home from the hospital I’ve never been able to swaddle as well as the nurses there, and my daughter’s arms come loose easily. This really helps keep the blanket secure and snug around her.

I don’t know if my son doesn’t like feeling restricted, but he rarely keeps his arms inside the blanket, but he was calmer and slept better with SnuggleWings.

I think my son slept better with SnuggleWings. I was a bit worried that he would feel restrained by his hands being strapped down, but he was calmer without his hands moving around and keeping him awake.