Snuggle Wings

Keep them safe and snuggly swaddled

Parents all over the world swaddle their babies to provide a sense of calm and security and to induce sleep.

SnuggleWings is a swaddle blanket’s best friend – Use SnuggleWings whenever you swaddle your baby and experience the difference!

  • Super soft fabric.
  • Adjustable.
  • Gently secures Babies’ arms inside their swaddle.
  • Swaddle blankets stay in place away from Baby’s face.
  • No need to stop swaddling prematurely.
  • Aimed at reducing the risk of SIDS*.
  • Made from breathable, durable 100% interlock cotton.
  • Use with traditional and some contemporary swaddle blankets.
  • Will fit most Babies up to seven months of age *depending on size.

So many parents swaddle and hope the swaddle stays in place long enough for Baby to calm and fall off to sleep.

  • But what are the odds that your little Houdini will manage to wriggle free from the swaddle?
  • How long will the swaddle hold until those little arms find their way out, no matter how snuggly wrapped they are?
  • How soon will you have to discontinue swaddling altogether, because you can no longer rely on the swaddle staying in place?

The answers to these questions do often not encourage.  Perhaps more discouraging is that the answer to the third question is frequently; only 1-2 months, if that long.

Benefits of SnuggleWings:

  • Babies’ arms are held snuggly in place, providing the feeling of security that they count on, thereby enabling them to rest peacefully, for longer periods of time.
  • SnuggleWings is safe and easy to use.
  • The soft breathable fabric prevents overheating. *if overdressed when swaddled, babies are at risk of overheating .
  • And with SnuggleWings, you can continue swaddling for several months, until you decide to discontinue swaddling.

More Value that Only SnuggleWings Provides:

  • You can gradually wean Baby from swaddling by securely swaddling only one arm, should you prefer. *One-arm swaddling offered in arms-over-chest version only
  • SnuggleWings is safe, reliable and gives parents more control over their Baby’s sleep routine, for up to seven months (depending on Baby’s size).
  • Try it and you will see for yourself that using SnuggleWings, in conjunction with your regular (traditional) swaddle blanket is more reliable than any other swaddle-solution, anywhere, period!


How does SnuggleWings compare?

Traditional swaddling has more than a 2000 year head start over contemporary-style blankets.

Some people might mistakenly compare SnuggleWings to sleep-sacks, swaddle-pods and other contemporary style blankets and bags, with a built-in arm restraint component.  The problem with many of those products is that they simply aren’t effective – Babies still work their arms free because the arm restraint component is often ineffective.

SnuggleWings simply supplements your traditional swaddle blanket by adding reliable arm-containment, which enables you to swaddle securely for as long as you wish.

There are benefits to your Baby, that only traditional swaddling provides, such as the in-the-womb feeling of snugness and contentment.  Too often, sleep-sacks and swaddle-pouches simply don’t provide this benefit, while some elastic pod-type devices don’t provide the consistent, gentle pressure of a snuggly wrapped swaddle blanket, supplemented with SnuggleWings.

We welcome you to try SnuggleWings for yourself so that everyone can finally get some sleep!

*Many parents find that swaddling in the supine position promotes a consistent and healthy sleep pattern. Experts overwhelmingly agree. The creators of SnuggleWings encourage parents to place their Babies on their back when sleeping.

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